Training programmes:

Training_3GPP_Managment(T_3M) Training_3GPP_Techniques(T_3T) Training_CCSA_Techniques(T_CT)(Group/Student discount)

consultant services:

on-request consultant services(C)

Lectures services:

public lectures(A) in-depth knowledge transfer for teams(B)

Others types are not precluded, more descriptions are below

type T_CT: to study techniques based on CCSA

To study technique based CCSA standard meeting mechinism, particpated people may synchronize to technique progress in CHINA

Price: organization fee + meeting fee

1, organization fee: 10K RMB/person/year

Student discount is applicable for organization fee,VALID certifiate needed: 5K/person/year for PHD candidates,3.5K/person/year for Master candidates

2, meeting fee: 300RMB/person/day

the meeting fee is collected on actual participation meeting days, you need not participate all the meetings, while meeting info/progress can be obtained as training basic service

Notes of T_CT:

1, CCSA meeting calendar,to see CCSA meetings schedule.

However,CCSA meeting arrangment is irregular, the announcement may be just a few weeks befor meeting day, so it is better to receive reminders through our public wechat account

wechat id: srrktech

2, CCSA is based in BeiJing(CN), where most meetings happen, while other cites across china are possible (ShangHai/ShenZhen/ChengDu/etc)


3, if vancancy is available, one-time meeting participation is possible, with different meeting fee rate


type others: for other services/lectures not classified

Based on our long-term work experiences , advices may be provied in different areas, such as on research topic evalutaion/trend anaylisys/project managment/patent application/IPR policy/etc

type T_3M: to study management by meeting participation

3GPP developed delicate management system for complicated standard specification development,it is useful to understand how it works,for projects managemnet especially on COMPLICATED ones ,if similiar principals are applied

Price: 210K RMB(30K USD)/person/year

Recomended requirments: normal english level, telecomm background.

type T_3T: to learn technique details by meeting participation

3GPP specifications are the common guidences of current global Public Land Mobile Network(PLMN), deep understanding on frontier knowledge may be obtained by 3GPP meeting participation,which normally means techinque advantages over others who ONLY rely on specification itself

Price: 280K RMB(40K USD)/person/year+WG fees

WG fees: RAN1=35K RMB(5K USD)/person/year,other=0 temperily

Recomended requirments: excellent oral english, good knowledges of related aspects of telecomm network, and to those who intend to RAN1 works, deep undersanding in PHY knowledges(on selected areas such as channel modelling/modulation/coding/MIMO/HARQ etc) are helpful

Notes of training programes(T_3T/T_3M):

1) 3GPP meeting calendar, to see meeting schedule

2) Travel expenses are included in the price, while VISAs are prepared by YOURSELF.

3) Full time involvement is NOT required, however around 4-6 times one-week long international travels per year are necessary.

4) The training is based 3GPP practical conference meetings particapation, training results varies according to individual's situation(gift/ability/oppotunities/etc), we do provide necessary guidences, but no guarantees on the performance.

type A: Information sharing lectures

To public

To share latest information on the progress of industrial wireless technologies,scheduled 2-3 times per year

type B: in-depth group discussion on selected topic

For team of 6-9 people

To transfer know-how knowledges on a targeted topic, especially useful in project initial evaluation for developers to understand the key points, around 4-6 topics per year.

type C: professional consultant services on request

For customized services

To offer help information on questions or customized lectures on individual request. NR related is preferred, LTE related is possible.