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3GPP introduction (code A_3,free of charge)

Discussion on "A logic thinking on R&D information propagation model" (code Other_1, 660K RMB or 100K USD)

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5G NR RA B_8 350K RMB or 50K USD
NB-IOT overview overview A_2 1888 RMB or 300 USD
5G NR PDCCH B_7 350K RMB or 50K USD
5G NR PDSCH B_6 300K RMB or 42K USD
5G NR RMSI B_5 70K RMB or 10K USD
5G NR PHY synchronization B_4 200K RMB or 29K USD
5G NR PHY frame structure&BWP B_3 10K RMB or 1.5K USD
5G NR Polar code fundamentals B_2 190K RMB or 28K USD
5G NR massive MIMO fundamentals B_1 180K RMB or 28K USD
5G NR overview A_1 1888 RMB or 300 USD

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In memory of

Claude Elwood Shannon


The founder of information theory

In 1948,"A Mathematical Theory of Communication"(download) was published in Bell lab internal journal

This paper marks the start of information theory research

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Principles are explained in : R&D 信息传播模型的逻辑思考("A logic thinking on R&D information propagation model")

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