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2019.2.26-2019.3.1 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4/5, Athens(GR)

2019.3.18-2019.3.21, 3GPP RanP, ShenZhen(CN)

2019.4.8-2019.4.12 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4, XiAn(CN)

2019.5.13-2019.5.17 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4/5, USA

2019.6.3-2019.6.6, 3GPP RanP, Newport Beach(US)

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2019.01-> SupeRRanK Tech joined CCSA

2018.06->3GPP TSG#80,5G NR(SA mode) Specs frozen

2018.03-> one more 5G NR spec,late drop version

2017.12->3GPP first 5G NR(NSA mode) Specs Approved