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Chuan Zhong

Started 4G pre-research work since 2002,keep studying the frontier technologies up to 5G ,solid knowledge background,almost top-level research engineer in industrial mobile RAN research area.

Experience in both research side and implementation side in various worldwide telecomm manufacturer R&D centers, where most parts of the R&D chains are covered, speciality in standardization related.

Lectures prepared of type A/B
Topic title Code Available time
3GPP introduction A_3 2019.01
5G NR Random Access(RA) B_8 2018.12
5G NR PDCCH B_7 2018.11
5G NR PDSCH B_6 2018.10
5G NR RMSI B_5 2018.09
5G NR PHY synchronization B_4 2018.09
5G NR PHY frame structure&BWP B_3 2018.08
NB-IOT overview A_2 2018.08
5G NR Polar code fundamentals B_2 2018.08
5G NR massive MIMO fundamentals B_1 2018.04
5G NR overview A_1 2018.03

Lectures prepared of type Others
Topic title Available time
Discussion on "A logic thinking on R&D information propagation model" , (Note: to 1 person, code Other_1) 2018.05