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2019.08->HuaWei unveils its harmonyOS

2019.08->5G smartphone starts selling in China

2019.07->APPLE to buy Intel modern chip business

2019.07->NB-IoT is part of 5G candidates

2019.06->China 5G licenses provided

2019.05->HuaWei and its Affiliates Blacklisted By US Commerce Department

2019.05->AMN:NAAS,extend coverage into rural area

2019.05->HW/OPPO/XiaoMi start to provide first wave 5G commercial terminal in Europe

2019.04->QCM&APPLE compromised,intel gives up 5G baseband chip develpment

2019.04->Korea: first 5G network started>

2019.03->HUAWEI:lawsuit against US goverment

2019.02->QCM:Snapdragon X55 5G Modem

2019.01->Rakuten: A cloud-native network

2018.12->HuaWei CFO detained on USA request

2018.12->Inel&Berkeley spintronics progress

2018.12-> APPLE may delay 5G phone

2018.12->Qualcomm: Snapdragon 855 for 5G

2018.10->Verizon:30% job cut for 5G balance

2018.09->India excludes Huawei/ZTE from 5G trials

2018.09->T-Mobile and Ericsson:$3.5 bln 5G agreement

2018.09->AT&T names 5G suppliers

2018.08->Huawei/ZTE 5G tech blocked in Australia

2018.07->Nokia,T-Mobile US $3.5 bln deal, biggest ever

2018.07->SPAIN: 5G spectrum strong bidding

2018.07->QCM : Breakthrough 5G RF Modules

2018.06->ZTE gets back after paying $1.4 billion

2018.05->DOCOMO,305 km/h high speed 5G trial @28GHz 700M BW

2018.04->HuaWei get 1st 5G CE-TEC certificate

2018.04->AT&T claims 1Gbps speeds in 5G trial

2018.03->CMCC 5G-V2X auto-drive test in XiongAn

2018.03->5G commercial time plan of CMCC/CUCC/CTCC

2018.02->Balong 5G01 chip-set declared in MWC 2018

2018.02->5G trial in PyeongChang winter Olympic 2018

Upcoming meetings

2019.8.13-2019.8.15, CCSA TC5 Plenery/WGs,QingDao(CN)

2019.8.26-2019.8.30, 3GPP Ran1/2, Prague(CZ)

2019.8.26-2019.8.30, 3GPP Ran3/4/5, Ljubljana(SI)

2019.9.16-2019.9.20, 3GPP RanP, Newport Beach(US)

2019.10.14-2019.10.18, 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4,ChongQing(CN)

2019.10.14-2019.10.18, 3GPP SA2,Split(HR)

2019.11.18-2019.11.22, 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4/5,Reno(US)

2019.12.09-2019.12.12, 3GPP RanP,Sitges (ES)

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2019.01-> SupeRRanK Tech joined CCSA

2018.06->3GPP TSG#80,5G NR(SA mode) Specs frozen

2018.03-> one more 5G NR spec,late drop version

2017.12->3GPP first 5G NR(NSA mode) Specs Approved