Upcoming meetings

China Mainland(CM)

Date location Meetings

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South&North America

Date location Meetings
2020.8.24-2020.8.28 (US) 3GPP CT1/3/4
2020.11.16-2020.11.20 (US) 3GPP RAN1~5
2020.12.7-2019.12.11 (US) 3GPP Ran/SA/CT


Date location Meetings
2020.4.20-2019.4.24 Dubrovnik(HR) 3GPP CT1/3/4
2020.5.25-2019.5.29 Athens (GR) 3GPP Ran1/2/3/4
2020.6.15-2019.6.19 Malmo (SW) 3GPP Ran/SA/CT
2020.8.24-2020.8.28 Toulous(FR) 3GPP RAN1~5

Asia&Oceania(except CM)

Date location Meetings
2020.4.20-2019.4.24 Busan(KR) 3GPP Ran1
2020.4.20-2019.4.24 Sapporo(JP) 3GPP Ran2/3

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